3 Gift Buying Ideas for your Husband

Gift ideas birthday lovers enjoy must fit the recipient. Husbands are notoriously hard to shop for. It may be partly the “Mars and Venus” dilemma. It may be his reluctance to admit that birthdays are just as important to him as to his wife. Whatever the reason, women often find themselves at a loss when looking for just the right gift for him.

Finding that special gift also involves staying within the budget. It won’t do much good to honor him with an elaborate present and later present him with the fact that the credit card has been maxed out yet again. Thinking in practical terms and tailoring the gift to his individual style will help to prevent that problem.

Instead of looking for a present that is impressive because of its price tag, think in terms of something special that he is likely to use. Another dress shirt that just stays in the closet or a pair of cuff links he will never wear won’t make the list.

Narrow down choices until one or two particularly useful and appealing items comes to mind. This is not as hard as it sounds if the caring wife begins by spending some time thinking about what he likes to do in his spare time. Also think about anything that may be missing from his wardrobe or gear.

Begin with a List of Activities

First list all the activities that both husband and wife enjoy together. Then consider his solo activities. Simply writing them down provides a starting point.

Take each item on the list and jot down any equipment or clothing needed for participating in the activity. At this point, don’t worry about what he does or does not have. Just get a group of things down on paper.

Check Which Items He Needs

Check his closet and his sports equipment. Do some subtle questioning when he is present. He may let slip with a particular item that he’s had his eye on but has not invested in. Make a note of that for sure.

If he has everything he really needs, think about ways his inventory can be augmented. Some things may be worn and need to be replaced or upgraded.

Also consider tickets to a game in his favorite sport or a gift card for a restaurant he really enjoys. This is especially thoughtful if the choice is not one the wife would usually prefer.

Think About DIY Gifts

If the budget is really tight, consider gifts that cost little or nothing. Making his favorite meal for a special candle-lit dinner can provide a festive mood and show thoughtfulness.

One very simple gift that is usually highly appreciated is a series of notes for him to open at intervals telling him about a special quality that is appreciated. A set of 52 notes, one for each week of the year, can brighten many days for just a few pennies. A variation of this is a special calendar with the notes incorporated.

The perfect gift for a husband is one he will enjoy and appreciate. It need not be elaborate. It just needs to show that he is thought of and cared for. Tell him about all the joys of being his wife. Make his day truly special. Gift ideas birthday lovers cherish are always personal.

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