4 Fun Birthday Party Games for Adults

Who says that kids have all the fun? While there may not be a cartoon cake, costumes or goodie bags, adults deserve to have some entertaining games at birthday parties. Here is a collection of birthday party games for the next adults-only bash.

Big Liar, Music Edition

Music is one of the staples of a good party, so why not incorporate it into one of the games? All you need to play Big Liar is some paper and pens. As a song plays, have everyone write down three answers to a question about the song. For example, you might ask where everyone was the first time they heard the song, or a particular anecdote about it.

Everyone is to write two lies and one true answer. Each person takes turns reading their answers to the song-related question. The other guests guess which one is correct. Those who guess correctly gain a point. Whoever reaches fifteen points first is the Biggest Liar.

Movie Trivia

While there are many commercial trivia games on the market, making your own is often more fun. Provide index cards and pens for all your guests. Invite them to write down lines from movies they have seen, along with the movie title.

Then, announce the line from the movie and invite the guests to name the movie. The first person to answer gets the card. The person with the most cards at the end of the evening could win a door prize.

The No Game

When your guests arrive, place a string of beads around their neck. Announce to everyone that the word ‘no’ is now off limits. Anyone who says the word will then have to relinquish their beads to the person they were speaking to at the time.

If you lose your beads, you can continue to speak to others to try and get their beads. At the end of the party, the person with the most sets of beads wins a prize.

The Celebrity Game

Before the party, write the names of well-known celebrities onto post-it notes. As each guest arrives, tape one of the names to their back. Throughout the party, they can ask others yes or no questions to find out their celebrity name. For additional fun, encourage your guests to speak to one another as if they were the celebrity.

Who says that adult parties have to be a boring wine-and-cheese affair? With these adult birthday party games, your guests will be glad they came!

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