7 Adult Party Games for Indoor or Outdoor Events

When you are gathering together your friends and family for a birthday or other special occasion, games are a fun way to pass the time. Use these indoor and outdoor adult party games to create some laughter and some memories.


Indoor games are ideal for rainy days, evening parties, or winter events. In addition to the traditional card games, board games, and Pictionary, consider these other options for your next party:adult-games

Mime Time: One person has 20 seconds to act out a crazy scene, which he or she pulls from a stack of cards. The person to guess the most scenarios correctly wins.

People Bingo: Before the party, ask guests about their unique traits, favorite foods, most memorable vacations, etc. Type those traits onto five-by-five Bingo cards, mixing up where the traits appear on each card. Pass out cards to the guests and call names randomly. Players write the name next to a trait. The first person to complete a Bingo line correctly wins.

Paper Tower: Give each player a stack of newspaper and a roll of masking tape. The goal is to build the tallest tower within five minutes. The tower must stand for at least 30 seconds after the game is over.

Two Truths and a Lie: Each player takes turns making three statements, two of which must be true and one of which must be a lie. The other players guess which statement is a lie. Each correct guess is worth one point, and the player with the most points at the end of the game wins.


When you have a large group or great weather, outdoor games give party-goers the option to relax or burn off some calories from the cake. You can buy adult party games such as Ladder Golf, Bean Bag Toss, Kubb, Bocce, or Badminton. You can also plan these low-cost alternatives for your next event.

Ribbon Rivalry: Hide 25 to 50 red ribbons around the backyard, park, or even an entire neighborhood. The person who finds the most ribbons and returns to the starting point within 10 minutes wins.

Limbo Puff: Tie a pillow to each guest, making a large stomach. Create a limbo stick from a broom, a strand of lights, or garland. Starting at about five feet high, ask each player to dance under the limbo stick. Lower the stick a few inches after each round until only one person can dance under the stick.

Egg Drop and Roll: Each attendee lines up with an egg under the chin and an egg on the ground at the starting line. The purpose of the game is to roll the grounded egg by any means necessary to cross the finish line 20 feet away. The winner is the person who crosses the finish line first without cracking the grounded egg or cracking/dropping the egg under the chin.

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