Birthday Decorations for Little Girls’ Parties

By thinking outside the box, party planners can use inexpensive items to add fun to girl parties. Craft stores have plenty of interesting items that will coordinate with popular birthday party themes. Parents may need to step out of the birthday party aisle to find these items, but by doing a little bit of searching, the party decor can be unique and imaginative.

Choose princesses or fairies as the themes for little girl’s parties. These themes lend themselves to great possibilities for creativity. Tulle is an inexpensive item available by the yard at the fabric department of craft stores. Draping yards of this soft cloth around the room will add a lovely, feminine touch to the party decor. For a fairy party, parents can add small nylon and wire butterfly and dragonfly decorations twisted into blue, purple and green tulle.

For a princess party, parents may want to add glittery gems and stars to pink and white tulle. If a little girl chooses the movie “Tangled” as the theme for her party, parents could braid yards of yellow yarn and include it with the tulle to look like the long, blond braid of the star, Rapunzel.princess-birthday-party

How about a cowgirl party?  To find decorations for this party, look for decorations with a Western theme. Hanging pretty pink cowgirl hats on the walls and finding horse-themed items will brighten up the little cowgirl’s party. Parents can also use bandanas as decorative items and party favors.

If a girl has a summer birthday, consider a poolside birthday party. This type of party is a very easy one for which parents can decorate using luau-themed items. Parents can use big silk flowers as birthday decorations and add to the tropical look using inflatable palm trees, beach balls and pink flamingos.

If a girl wants a hip, retro type of party, decorating in tie-dye can be a fun way to extend the theme to the party decor. Parents can tie-dye the tablecloth and slide a tie-dyed t-shirt onto the back of each chair at the table to dress it up for the party. After the party, each guest can take home the shirt as a party favor. Finding balloons in multicolored swirl patterns is simple, and parents may want to use brightly colored crepe paper streamers twisted together in random color combinations.

People need not settle for boring purchased birthday decorations. Even if a child chooses a popular and trendy theme for the party, by being creative and looking at the items available at local craft and hobby stores, parents can bring a breath of originality to the party decor.


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