Birthday Gift Ideas for a New Mom

Many gifts are suitable as a birthday gift for a new mother. Housewares, jewelry, and clothing are all appreciated, but the best gifts are those that can be used with the new baby or things to alleviate the everyday stress of having that new


A beautiful picture frame in which to put photos of the new addition is always a good idea. A photo album is another great gift. Photo albums come in many sizes and the homemade one customized with fabric and other decorations is something the mom will cherish forever. Start a scrapbook for the new mom with pictures and other memories while she was carrying the child and end with pages that include the baby. A digital camera to take more photos to put in the album or scrap book is another good idea for a birthday gift.


All women love jewelry and a charm to put on a bracelet or use as a pendant for a necklace that commemorates the birth of the new child will be appreciated. Get jewelry with the child’s birthstone or a monogrammed pendant with the child’s initials on it.

Pampering Gifts

Having a baby is hard work and taking care of the little bundle of joy afterward is even harder. A new mom might enjoy a trip to the spa while grandma watches the baby. She might enjoy a bath basket that she can use at home. Give her some expensive perfume to wear and offer to babysit so she and her significant other can go out and to a restaurant or movie. Take the new mom to get a massage to relieve all those kinks from carrying the baby around.

Practical Gifts

For the practical person a birthday gift for a new mom might include a stylish bag to carry her personal items and the baby’s things. Diaper bags are no longer ugly and many designers are making fashionable bags that are beautiful and utilitarian. Another great gift is a keychain engraved with the baby’s name and birthdate. A new mom that might not have a lot of money may appreciate a couple boxes of diapers and wipes, but make sure to include something just for her in that birthday gift too.

Other ideas

Some new moms get cabin fever and the gift of a visit from a friend or relative is welcome relief. Bring along a snack or some coffee or tea from a coffee shop. Another thing a new mom would appreciate is a basket full of homemade frozen dinners that she can pop in the oven and the family can eat in just a few minutes. Give the new mom coupons that ensure she will have a babysitter for free when she wants to go out and get away for a few hours or when she wants to stay in and get a little sleep.

Gifts for a new mom can be as simple as a home cooked meal or as elaborate as a day at the spa. She will appreciate anything that reminds her of this time in her life or gives her the opportunity to get away from it for just a little while.


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