Birthday Gifts for the Elderly Lady

Whether it is your mother, a beloved aunt or your sweet neighbor, finding birthday gifts for mature ladies can be a challenge. Many elderly people live in apartments, assisted living facilities or nursing homes with limited personal space, making it more difficult to find a gift that is not only appreciated but practical. Here are some ideas to consider for that older lady in your

The Gift of Time

Regardless of whether or not she is still driving, many older ladies do not like to go out alone. If she doesn’t drive, she may need someone to take her shopping or to doctor appointments. You may not even be aware of this need, especially if she is proud and does not like to ask for help. For her birthday, you could have an elaborate gift certificate printed stating you will take her out weekly or bi-weekly for the next year. Not only will this provide her with much-needed help, it will give the two of you more time to bond and talk.

Help with Projects

Elderly ladies who live alone may not have the necessary strength or endurance to clean the gutters, paint walls or scrub the carpets. Even those in assisted living may need help packing away winter clothes or deep cleaning their unit. Find out what she needs and then make a day of it! Bring over some indulgent snacks and get to work. You can provide a service she may not otherwise be able to do and socialize at the same time.

Monetary Gifts

If your loved one is on medication, the cost can quickly become overwhelming. The same can also be said for those who need to pay for mobility devices, home care or medical procedures out of their own pocket. Still others need to hire professionals for home repairs and maintenance. If you can afford it, a monetary gift can often make a huge difference in the life of an elderly lady, especially if she lives alone.

A Special Dinner

My elderly women no longer feel up to the task of making a three-course, gourmet meal. However, this doesn’t mean she won’t appreciate one! For her birthday, make reservations at an establishment that specializes in her favorite cuisine. Bring some of her favorite flowers and treat her to a scrumptious meal. Order a decadent dessert to take home for later so she can continue to enjoy the experience the next day as well.

Scrapbooks and Photo Albums

As many elderly people do not use computers, the older lady in your life may not be able to log into a social network and see the latest photos of her grandchildren. For her birthday, consider putting together an album or scrapbook that has recent photos of her family from near and far. You could also include notes from the family to make it even more special.

Finding birthday gifts for a special elderly lady in your life can be hard. However, by thinking outside the box, you can give a gift that is both appreciated and useful to her.


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