Birthday Party Food-Marshmallow Pops

Use the standard, large marshmallows.

Buy cookie sticks at Michael’s or use plastic stirrers or wooden skewers for the “pop” stick.

Wilton’s sells Edible Glitter and Shimmer Dust.  Buy these at Michael’s or anywhere Wilton’s cake decorating products are sold.

Prepare a small squeeze bottle with an egg white.  Don’t whip the egg white.  This is used as your “glue” for anything sprinkled on like shimmer dust and edible glitter.

Prepare piping bags of frosting in colors you like and/or use the store bought cans of Betty Crocker cupcake icing.  These aerosol cans come with 4 tips and you can experiment with the look you like.  The icing tastes really good, and is a convenient way to decorate small areas like cupcakes, cookies, and marshmallows.

Cut a piece of waxed paper to catch the drips.  I experiment on a piece of wax paper before applying it directly to the marshmallow.

All assembled and ready to go?

Insert the stick into the fluffy white marshmallow.

Hold the stick in your non-dominant hand while the other hand handles the icing and decorating material.  Hold the marshmallow over the wax paper and start decorating.

If decorating only with icing, apply free-hand in your preferred designs.  You can make pirate faces, witches faces, princess faces, alien faces, letters spelling out “Happy Birthday” on 13 marshmallows or the child’s name, or just graphic designs.  You can apply small candies to the marshmallows in addition to the icing.  Use icing as glue for candy.  Have fun and get creative.

If decorating with glitter or shimmer dust, apply drops or stripes of egg white to the marshmallow.  Then gently sprinkle the glitter or dust or both over your marshmallow.  The glitter or dust will adhere to the egg white.

Be sure to apply icing, glitter, or dust onto the marshmallow while holding it over the waxed paper.  This makes your clean up a cinch.

Stand the sticks in a block of styrofoam and store covered in pastic wrap until party time.  Marshmallows dry out quickly if exposed to room air or in the refrigerator.  Be sure to cover until serving.


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