Creative Birthday Party Ideas for Young Women

When someone mentions the phrase birthday party, people usually think of children playing, running and eating cake and ice cream. But birthday parties are just as much a part of an adults life as they are part of a kids life. Of course, a birthday party for a young woman is completely different than a birthday party for a young man.

For example, a woman in the 21 to 30 age group may desire to throw a swinging flirty and fabulous party for her single friend. This can serve multiple purposes, one of them being, the birthday girl and her friends having the opportunity of mingling with the eligible hot bachelors in their city. Imagine what the birthday fliers would say. Im pretty sure every guy and girl would want to come to that party! And since the party would be all about being flirtatious and fabulous, the dress code requirement could be Hollywood red carpet style. All guests basically would have to dress up as if they were on the red carpet of some big Hollywood movie premiere. Now that’s a party that would get some major recognition.

Creativity is the key to throwing a birthday party that everyone will talk about for days or even weeks to come. A professional woman in her 20s and 30s works hard, so naturally, there must be time in her life to get loose. Its all about having a nice balance of work and play. And a birthday party is the perfect event to play and play

Another wonderful birthday party idea for a young woman is having a party based around the musical tastes of the birthday girl. Since a party is truly an excuse to dance and drink (yeah, I know), then matching the music to the party girl is the way to go. If shes into country, then play country music and dance country, or if shes into rock, hip-hop, metal or whatever, find a band she will really like and party hardy. The main idea is to play the music she likes and dance accordingly to that style of music. Now if shes into hip-hop and shes from a small town in Iowa where the population is only 500, dancing hip-hop will be a challenge, but it can still be done.

In conclusion, throwing a party for a young woman isn’t hard, but it does take creativity and planning. Women enjoy small details, so making sure that the napkins and dinner ware fits right in with the party theme is extremely important as well. Remember, a birthday comes once a year, so do all you can to make sure that the party is a special one.


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