Cupcakes can make Amazing Birthday Cakes

Birthday cakes do not have to be difficult. Anyone who can bake and frost cupcakes can make a cute cake for the special birthday person. Think of a favorite activity or hobby and design a birthday cake using cupcakes.cupcake-party

Some bakeries place all the cupcakes together and frost all of them like a cake, while other stores frost each cupcake and then put them together. Frosting each cupcake is simpler and it is also easier to serve them. Use a cookie sheet or a tray covered with foil on which to design the cake. For more decoration, the tray can be decorated after the cake is complete. For example, if a football is designed, green and white shredded coconut could be used to make a football field around the cake. Black licorice could be used to make a race track or road around a car. What can be imagined is the only limit to what can be made. Search the internet or the aisles of a hobby store for more ideas on what is available.

How about a truck for a little boy? Lay out 3 rows of 8 cupcakes (24 cupcakes) to be the base of the truck.  Place 3 rows of 4 cupcakes (12 cupcakes) on top of the base to be the cab of the truck.  Turn 4 cupcakes sideways to be the wheels.  You can either frost the entire truck like the crown above or frost each cupcake individually.  Be sure to frost the wheels in black or gray.  Use decorator frosting or candies to make the windows and doors and to write on the truck.  Be sure to tint the frosting the birthday boy’s favorite color.

What little girl does not love princess crowns? They are easy to make with cupcakes. Frost the cupcakes in a color she loves and shape them into a crown. Use candies to add the jewels to the crown. If the birthday girl loves dolls, shape the cupcakes into a little person and use frosting and candy to add decorations to her face and dress.

Favorite cartoon or movie characters are easy to make with cupcakes. Frost one cupcake orange, make six white cupcakes and color the rest red and design a large Elmo face.cupcakes

For an adult, a baseball is simple to do. Frost all of the cupcakes white, place in a circle and use red decorator frosting to add the stitches. Every sport can be a cupcake cake. For a gardener, why not make a flower cake? Frost several cupcakes one color for the center of the flower and then the rest a different color for the petals. Green cupcakes can be added for leaves and stems. A big smiley face or peace sign are easy designs to do.

When using cupcakes to design a birthday cake for a special person, the only limit is the imagination.


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