Easy Birthday Cake Ideas

A homemade birthday cake can be an extra special way to help someone feel celebrated on her birthday. While cakes from scratch can often be complicated or time consuming, cakes from a prepared mix may seem too generic or uninteresting. Combine the ease of cakes from a mix with the personal and beautiful elements of desserts made from scratch using one of these easy birthday cake ideas.

Cream Cheese Chocolate Bowl Cake

This cake yields an impressive looking masterpiece that appears complicated to make. Prepare a chocolate fudge or devil’s food cake mix according to the box directions inside of a two-quart oven safe glass casserole bowl. In a separate bowl, combine one eight ounce package of cream cheese, one egg and one tablespoon sugar until fluffy. Spoon the cream cheese mixture directly into the middle of the chocolate cake batter. Do not mix the cream cheese into the batter as it is meant to sink to the middle of the bowl during baking, creating a cream center. Bake at 350 degrees Fahrenheit for 45 minutes or until a toothpick inserted into the center of the cake comes out clean. After letting the cake stand for about ten minutes, use a knife or a rubber scraper to loosen the sides of the cake and remove it from the pan onto a cooling rack. Frost the cooled cake using a blended mixture of prepared instant vanilla pudding and whipped topping.

Angel Food Trifle

Use a store bought angel food cake or one prepared from a box mix to create this dreamy and delicious confection. Cut the cake into one inch cubes and create a layer of the cubes inside a large glass trifle dish. Next, create a layer of whipped topping followed by a layer of sliced strawberries. Repeat these layers until the trifle dish is filled. Add other berries for a burst of color and flavor. For best results, the dessert should be put together shortly before serving or the pieces of cake may become soggy. Birthday cake ideas like this one can be adapted to any number of cake flavors.

Easy Ice Cream Cake

Decadent ice cream cakes are a popular choice for birthday parties. While an ice cream cake from the store can be expensive, it is easy to prepare one at home using ice cream sandwiches, cool whip and ice cream toppings of your choice. Simply create a layer of ice cream sandwiches on a rectangular serving platter. Cover with a generous layer of whipped topping and place in the freezer for about ten minutes. Place a second layer of ice cream sandwiches over the whipped topping and then use the whipped topping to frost the top and sides of the cake. Decorate with chocolate chips, sprinkles or other ice cream toppings. Keep in the freezer until just before serving.

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