Easy Birthday Party Food

Easy is the way to go for birthday party food ideas! Quick and simple ideas let the hostess relax and enjoy the party, too, and can be inexpensive. Many people feel a party is not a party without great food, but great does not have to be complicated!

If the party has a central theme, use that idea to plan the food. If it is a baseball party, why not serve hot dogs, chips, caramel corn and soda? A movie party is the perfect time to order pizza and serve with chips. How about the first spring barbeque to celebrate a birthday? Put some hamburgers on the grill, baked beans in the oven and potato salad in the refrigerator and enjoy the first warm evenings of spring. Use plastic plates and utensils and clean up is a breeze.

For a children’s party, buy English muffins and let each child make their own miniature pizza. An added benefit to this activity is it can also be considered a craft and takes up time during the party. Kids love to prepare their own snacks and the ingredients are simple ones to buy. Have them each decorate their own cupcake instead of buying a large cake. Sit out plates of trail bologna, different types of crackers and cheese and watch the fun begin! Another idea would be ice cream sundaes. Two or three flavors of ice cream, toppings, peanuts (beware of allergies!) and whipped cream and the kids will have an amazing time! Be ready with the camera for all the wonderful creations the children will design. Just remember that any activity where children are creating is bound to be messy.

For an adult birthday party, great dinners can be made relatively easy using a crock pot. Make a stew or soup. Put ribs and barbeque sauce in the crock pot early in the morning and let it cook all day. Add potato salad or finger foods and all the preparation is finished early in the day and the hostess will have plenty of time to relax before the big night. Salads can also be prepared earlier in the day. Magazines and the Internet are full of easy one-step recipes that serve a large number of people. How about an Italian night? Serve spaghetti, rolls, and salad or bake a large dish of lasagna. Ask the birthday person what their favorite food is and make that. Celebrating birthdays is all about making the birthday person feel special and choosing the menu is an easy way to do that. Children also love to be asked what they would like to have at their parties.

Birthday party food ideas can be found anywhere. The best place to start is by asking the birthday person what they want or using the theme of the party to decide on food.

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