Fire Truck Party for Kids

Fire Truck Birthday Party for Kids

Shiny trucks, heroic firefighters, the novelty of sliding down a pole — no kid can resist the fun of fire-related party themes. Decorations and a little planning make a fire truck party the most talked about event of the year.

First, invitations set the mood of party themes. Preprinted fire truck invitations can be ordered online or made from clip art and scrapbooking paper. Common phrases include “sound the alarm,” “get ready for a blazin’ good party,” “summoned to the firehouse,” and “grab your gear and come to the rescue.”

The decorations and dress code are crucial. Key decorations include red and yellow balloons, inflatable fire hydrants and Dalmatians, and even a fire truck made from a large appliance box. Tissue paper can be cut into flame shapes and placed around windows and doors. While fire truck party themes do not require costumes, fireman hats can be distributed and FDNY shirts make popular prizes.

One of the most anticipated activities of a fire truck party is a tour of an actual fire truck. Adults can ask the local fire department or rent a fire engine from a private company. Alternatively the children can be taken to the firehouse for a demonstration and a chance to sit in the truck.

Other activities include Hot Potato, Pin the Tail/Ladder on the Dalmatian/Truck, Five Alarm Fire, and Firehouse Relay.

Five Alarm Fire: Decorate a bucket with cardboard flames and give children water balloons to throw at the target and “put out the fire.” The person or team that gets the most water balloons into the bucket wins.

Firehouse Relay: Place two firefighter costumes behind a line. Station two teams about 20 feet away behind another line. Each team chooses a Fire Chief. At the sound of a fire alarm bell, Participant #1 runs to the costume, gets dressed, runs back to the team, and gets undressed. The Fire Chief returns the costume and runs back to his team. Participant #2 goes, and the Fire Chief returns the costume again. The Fire Chief is the last person to dress in the costume and dash to the finish line.

All this excitement creates a fireman-sized appetite. Foods for fire truck and firefighter party themes include “five alarm” chili, giant submarine sandwiches, hot dogs and smores, and a giant fire engine birthday cake. Food can be served on red or yellow plates or dishes shaped like fire trucks.

Finally, the best party themes end with a bag of goodies. Some examples are cookies shaped like Dalmatians and fire hydrants, a fire extinguisher squirt bottle, fire engine tattoos, cinnamon candies, and fire prevention tips.

A fire truck party is one of those party themes that most boys dream about. By using the ideas above, any party organizer will be “hot stuff” and a hit with the kids.

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