Food Choices at a 50th Birthday Party

Birthday celebrants turning 50 might have some dietary restrictions, but in most cases food at 50th birthday party selections can consist of finger, picnic or elegant food. The age of 50 is a milestone birthday that can be celebrated in style, in the outdoors or with food popular during the celebrant’s teen years.50-Birthday-party

Finger Food

Create an elegant sampling of pretty no-crust sandwiches by filling bread with chicken or ham salad, or cheese spreads placing a bit of herb and a slice of olive or pickle on top. Include water chestnuts wrapped in bacon, shrimp with cocktail sauce, bruschetta, sushi and a variety of fruit and vegetables with dips. For the more casual 50-year old provide kabobs, Swedish meatballs, hot dogs wrapped in crescent rolls with cheese, slices of pizza, mini tacos, taco dip with corn chips, tostadas, nachos, drumsticks and small sub sandwiches.

Elegant Dinner

Provide an elegant menu for a 50th birthday. Start with fancy appetizers including shrimp cocktail, cheese and crackers, mini quiches and other delightful treats. Serve French onion soup or tomato bisque right before the main dish of prime rib, chicken peccata, poached fish or something equally as elegant. Pair different wines with different courses and end with a delectable fancy chocolate covered cheese cake as the birthday cake. Serve a full course Italian meal for the birthday celebrant that loves spaghetti. Start with a few appetizers like fried ravioli or mozzarella sticks with dipping sauces. Continue with Italian Wedding Soup and an antipasto salad. The main dish might be spaghetti carbonara or pasta in lobster sauce. Many Italian meals end with a green salad or some celery to cleanse the palate before


The birthday celebrant that loves to spend time outdoors will love to have a picnic or grill party. Set the tables up outside and put some beer and wine coolers in a tub full of ice. Have a pig roast by digging a pit and cooking the pig for hours or set up the grill and do some hot dogs and hamburgers. Opt for something a little more special by grilling barbeque chicken, steak or smoke a pork shoulder for some pulled pork. Serve with grilled vegetables or corn on the cob.

A Social Party

Ice Cream and Strawberry socials were very popular in the 50s when the birthday celebrant was very young. Have a social by providing ice cream, strawberries and some shortcake. Ask guests to bring their favorite toppings and coordinate them to bring chocolate, caramel and marshmallow sauce along with sliced fruit, whipped cream, sprinkles, chocolate chunks and other fun delicacies. Have some low fat frozen yogurt and diet toppings available for those that might not be able to eat so much sweet stuff.

Food at 50th birthday party choices is varied and should reflect the personality of the birthday celebrant. Keep dietary restrictions in mind, but let them indulge a little at this milestone birthday.

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