Fun Super Hero Themed Parties for Adults

Kids dream of putting the bad guy behind bars and saving the citizen in distress. Why can’t adults enjoy party ideas that are just as much fun? Throwing a super hero party for adults is an excellent way to bring friends and family members together for a memorable celebration.


The first decision must be the dress code. Will guests arrive in costume, or will they be handed masks and capes at the door? Will the party revolve around a particular super hero or a combination of heroes and villains? Due to recent movies, party ideas that once involved classic characters are now in vogue. For even more fun, set limits on the costumes such as permitting only hand-crafted outfits.

After the theme is set, the invitations must be sent via email or postal mail. Remember that most popular characters are copyrighted, so the safest action is to purchase a set of licensed invitations.

The decorations at adult super hero parties immerse people in the mood. Some party ideas include framed comic book pages and posters, scene setters and a map depicting the locations of super villains around the world. Party organizers can purchase theme-related kits online that include plates, napkins, cutlery, table covers, banners, centerpieces, streamers, balloons, and party favors.

While the decor starts the fun, the games keep it going. Guests may enjoy playing a crime board game, Spider-Man Monopoly or Scene It? Marvel Edition. For the next birthday, also try one of these party ideas:

Super Hero Charades: Each guest is given a card with a special super power to act out, such as “able to see through walls” or “thinks he can fly.” Other players guess the powers of the actors.

Crimefighter Club Check: Guest #1 says a superhero-related word, Guest #2 must repeat the first word and add another superhero-related word, and so on. Anyone who makes a mistake is disqualified.

Food brings people together like nothing else. Here are some birthday party ideas to feed a hungry crowd: hero/hoagie sandwiches, emblem-shaped finger foods, Aquaman crab cakes and Spider-Tots, which are tater tots stuffed with potato straw legs. For the birthday cake, use a photo editor to put the birthday man/woman’s face on a superhero’s body. Then have the photo printed onto a cake by a local bakery.

Satisfy everyone’s thirst with these two recipes:

  • Captain America: Layer the drink in this order, pouring the liquids over the back of a spoon to keep them separated: cranberry juice, ice, blue Gatorade, ice, and Sprite Zero.
  • Clark Kent’s Other Secret (Oatmeal Cookie Shot): Layer 1/2 ounce each of butterscotch schnapps, Bailey’s, Jagermeister, and cinnamon schnapps.

As the adult super hero birthday party comes to an end, send guests off with a package of goodies. For superhero party ideas, consider handing out energy drinks, superhero-decorated cookies, group photos, personalized keychains, fabric masks and DVD movies.


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