Greetings for Your Grandson

A greeting card for your grandson should let you reaffirm how much he means to you or remind him of something special the two of you share, which can make the difference between your card being tossed in the trash or saved as a memory to treasure forever.

For a young boy

  • Hey there grandson, you are at such a young stage in your life. You have yet to know what the world will offer you, but be sure of this; it will offer you what you make of it. Because of that, make sure you keep a positive mindset. I hope this birthday helps you to do that. I love you boy; happy birthday.
  • Hi grandson. Have you been playing today? Have you been having fun? I hope you have. You deserve to have fun on your birthday. Make sure you take advantage of this day and never forget it. Happy birthday!
  • Flying a kite or trips to the zoo
    wherever we go, whatever we do
    the best time for me is when I’m with you!
    Happy Birthday Grandson.
  • The greatest gift God gave me was a grandson like you. Never try to be like someone else, because you are way too special as yourself! Have a Happy Birthday!

For a tween

  • Grandson, No matter how old you are, you will always be my best buddy and the rainbow in my heart. Happy 10th Birthday!
  • When your presents are opened and the day is through, Grandma has another gift for you. It cannot be wrapped, or lost or torn and you’ve had it since the day you were born. My gift is love, wide and deep and something you’ll have for life to keep. Happy Birthday!
  • Hey son, I just want you to know that you are growing up so fast. I remember not too long ago; you were just a small child — barely able to walk. Now look at you! You are turning into a fine young man. I hope you grow to be a wonderful adult; I’ll be watching you. Have a wonderful birthday grandson. I love you.

For a teenager

  • Hey boy, I don’t really know what the young kids are into these days, so I hope you are not old enough for a birthday wish. My wish for you this year is that you remember that your family loves you and wants the best for you — especially me. I hope you have an awesome birthday this year.
  • Hey buddy. It feels like yesterday that I was your age. Just know that time can pass you by so quickly, so you must cherish days like these. One day, you will be as old as I am, and you will be wishing your grandchildren a happy birthday. I hope you look forward to those days, but don’t forget to live life one day at a time. I love you grandson. Happy birthday!
  • Always remember as you go through life: “There are no mistakes or failures, only lessons.” Never give up on your dreams. I’m here for you whenever you need me. Have a wonderful 18th Birthday grandson!
  • I taught you to play chess, then you beat me! I took you fishing and you out-fished me! But I don’t think you can ever out-love me. Happy Birthday to a fantastic grandson!

For an adult

  • I am such a lucky person to see you grow up! I want you to know that there is not one day I don’t think about you and hope you love your life. Now my wish for you today is that you have a great birthday. I love you grandson!
  • Once upon a time, I got to see your father grow up, now I was able to watch you grow up. I am so blessed to see you wonderful people grow into wonderful adults. Now make sure you take time to enjoy your birthday! I love you.
  • Your birthday is extra-special because it celebrates the day you were born. I’ve watched you grow from a child to an awesome young man and I am more proud of you with each passing year.

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