Handmade Birthday Party invitations

YOU’RE INVITED!  Glorious words to put front and center on hand made birthday party invitations.  Your child’s party has a theme and the two of you will have great quality time working on the invitations and the party.

Popular cartoon characters go over well with children. If the child has a favorite band, television show character or movie character these could be used on the invitations. It is very easy to find these images of the needed characters or bands online.  Another possibility is to use hobbies or sports as a basis for the theme of the invitation. For example, if the child plays an instrument the birthday invitation  could include images of the instrument. If they play sports the cards could have pictures related to the sport the child plays. Another option for images that could be used on the invitations are animals. Most kids love animals and there are plenty of pictures of animals available online. If there are good pictures of family pets they could be used on the cards.

It should be noted that some images may be copyright protected. However, thanks to something called “fair use” using these images for the cards is okay. So long as the images aren’t being used for financial gain the use of them will fall under fair use laws.

Saving the images is easy. On a PC right click and choose save as and the image can then be saved in whichever folder on the computer is desired. To save an image on a Mac the same process is used if a two button mouse is used. Otherwise, the control button should be held down and the mouse button clicked on the image and save image is chosen.

When it comes to the text for the cards there are a few options. You can use normal typed text. If a more hand made look is desired, there are plenty of free fonts available that look like hand writing. If someone has excellent penmanship the text could be written and then scanned and put on every invitation. Lastly, every invitation could be hand written.

Another way to add a personal touch to the cards would be to scan the child’s signature and paste it onto every card. Or, the child could sign every card personally. Another way to add a special handmade touch to every invitation is to use a hand print. This can be done by having the child put their hand in some finger paint and put their hand print on every card. The hand print could also be scanned copied and pasted onto every card. This can help add to the happy birthday experience for the child.

Stickers are fun. Kids love stickers, and they are relatively inexpensive. Let your child decorate to hearts content.  Unused stickers could even be included in the invitation as a pre-party, party favor.

When it comes to creating the invitations, there is plenty of card making software available. The software makes creating hand made invites a breeze to create. The software will ensure the layout and size of the invitations is perfect.

Card stock and envelopes can easily be purchased in office supply stores, big box stores and online.  Size of envelopes purchased will depend on desired size of cards.  Be sure to buy them at the same time.

If you don’t have a scanner or a computer, buy a jumbo pack of colorful construction paper.  Cut the paper to fit your envelopes, then decorate per your theme.  Time and effort put into making your own handmade invitations shows you really care.

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