How to Plan a 1st Birthday Cupcake Party

The only thing sweeter than a first birthday is the guest of honor. A cupcake party is perfect for the littlest birthday Boy or Girl.


One-year-olds love bright colors and they love sweet tastes. Why not extend the cupcake theme to the invitations and decorations? First birthday invitations often become family heirlooms. Cupcake-themed invitations will instantly bring back memories of your babies important 1st birthday cupcake party.


Cupcake decorations for boys and girls are bright, colorful and easily recognizable for the birthday child and their guests. Even one-year-old’s know that cupcakes equal a birthday party.

Dress Code

The photographs from this party will become important reminders of this special time, so you will want your child dressed in his or her best. Suggest that guests dress up for the party, but don’t get too formal. Cupcakes are delicious but messy, and much of the frosting will end up on the children’s faces, hands and clothing.

Activities And Music

Babies are too young for most formal activities at this age, but one-year-olds love music. Create a safe play space and fill it with soft toys for the guests to enjoy, and play upbeat, age-appropriate music. Leave some empty space in the center of the area. You never can tell; some of the birthday party guests may even get happy feet and start dancing.


Among any group of one-year-olds you will find a wide variety of eating stages. Some children eat table food with their families at this age, while some are still eating mostly baby food. Skip the formal meal until next year and offer a snack instead. Fish crackers, freeze-dried fruits or vegetables designed for toddlers, dry cereal or miniature crackers or cookies all make good toddler snacks, and juice in training cups makes the perfect toddler-friendly liquid refreshment.


Party cupcakes can be ordered with individual decorations on each cupcake or arranged to make a design and then frosted together as though they were a single cake. For this birthday party, individually decorated cupcakes will fit the theme of the party better. Just make sure the bakery understands that the cupcakes will be served to toddlers. Decorations should be limited to sprinkles and colored icing. Plastic toy decorations or picks are potential choking hazards and can have sharp points.happy-birthday-cupcake

Party Favors

Goody bags are inappropriate for this age group, so many parents skip the party favors altogether for the 1st birthday. This is not necessary, however. The decorative training cups that the juice was served in make excellent party favors. Small stuffed animals, bibs and teething rings also make good, age-appropriate party favors.


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