Ideas for Last Minute Birthday Gifts

 OK, Guys!  We know you have a habit of forgetting her birthday until it is almost too late!

Never fear!  Were here to help!  If the stores are still open, drive like a madman and buy her a gift of:

Scented Candle

Gift Basket
Bottle of Wine
Edible Arrangements tm


Her favorite CD
Birthday Card (with the right
sentiment–take your time!)

Too late to pick up a gift?

Go online, Print a Card from :
Print a gift certificate:
Order a Spa Treatment certificate

What about the REAL BUSY guy! We know you meant to get her a birthday gift before the last minute, but life just got in the way.  The stores are closed and she is expecting you any minute now.  What to do?

Give her the shirt off your back–literally.  Its best if you run home and get a favorite shirt, sweatshirt, pajama top that you have worn.  Give it to her saying wearing this will keep me closer to you.
Dig out a photo of you and she together
or a photo of you (that she hasnt already seen)
Call and make a restaurant reservation
Write out a Declaration of Love
Not ready for the L word?:
Take her on a nature walk
Take her star gazing
Give her a massage
or a foot massage
or a scalp massage
Be her slave for a Day
Be kind to her mother, pet or friend for the entire week!


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