Kite Birthday Party Theme: Tips for April Birthdays

Kites for All Ages

The main ingredient for any kite birthday party theme is the kite itself. Older kids can build their own kites from kits sold online. You can involve younger children by helping them decorate paper kites with paint, markers, crayons, colored pencils, and stickers. Avoid heavy materials like glue and glitter that may impact how the kite flies.

If your party will last only a few hours and you want to maximize the amount of time spend kite-flying, buy kites from specialty stores or assemble kite kits a week in advance. For additional fun, send the kite as an invitation and ask the guest to bring it back to the party.

Let’s Go Fly a Kite

One of the most important ways to celebrate National Kite Month at a birthday party is to get at least one kite in the sky. Pick an open location away from buildings, power lines, trees, or crowds. You want an area where children and adults can run without tripping, hitting one another, or getting their kites caught. A large park is perfect, and you can usually rent a pavilion for less than $50. If possible, take photos or video of each child flying his or her kite and then include copies with the party favors.

A warm day with clear skies and gentle winds is a great time for a kite birthday party, but you cannot always know the weather forecast in advance. Arrange an alternative so guests will not be disappointed with the change of plans. Some suggestions from the American Kitefliers Association include: paper airplane flying contests, bubble blowing contests, yo-yo tricks, juggling workshops, water balloon tosses, or coloring pages.

Putting Together a Great Birthday Party

When you are planning the kite party, consider using a central color to go along with the theme. Blue, pink, orange, and yellow are popular, but any color, especially the favorite color of the person having a birthday, can work. For a different twist, combine the kite theme with other wind decorations, such as pinwheels, windsocks, balloons, banners, pennants, and umbrellas. Tie ribbon bows to streamers to mimic kite tails.

Because people may want to fly kites, play games, and eat at different times, a picnic lunch is the simplest meal solution. Make peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, turkey wraps, and cheese sandwiches with individual bags of chips or pretzels. For dessert, serve white meringue cookies in the shape of clouds and diamond-shaped sugar cookies frosted with the theme color. Ice cream and a kite-shaped cake is the perfect way to end a fabulous day.

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