Locations for Birthday Parties

When deciding on locations for birthday parties keep in mind three important things. The venue must be big enough for guests, it should support the theme and have a place available to store, cook and serve food. The home is often a good choice for small parties, but this location can put a great deal of stress on the host. Sometimes it is better to spend more money and find an appropriate outside venue.

Restaurants and Hotels

Local restaurants often have a closed off room where they can accommodate large quantities to just a few guests. The food is on site from the restaurant and guests can order what they want or you may have the opportunity to choose a buffet. Use the restaurant cuisine in your theme. Work around a Mexican theme in a Mexican Restaurant or an Asian them e in a Chinese establishment. Hotels also often rent out party rooms and they can either supply the food or it can be catered by another company. Many hotels also have the option of a bar for adult parties. Hotels that have indoor or outdoor swimming pools may allow for kid’s birthday parties in and around the pool.

Rented Halls

Halls can section off their event area into smaller and larger sections making them a perfect place to have a birthday party. The hall may be associated with a particular caterer that you must use, or they may allow for you to choose a caterer to bring food in. The hall usually supplies the linens and some decorations for a price.


Municipal parks have outdoor pavilions, cabins or other buildings that are rentable. Have family birthday parties in a park with trails for hiking and playgrounds on which kids can play. Organize a barbeque birthday party with hot dogs, hamburgers or steaks for a special birthday treat. Parks are great on the budget. If you live in the community, you usually get a better rental rate. These rates are usually not too high and since you bring your own food to grill, the food costs less. Many park facilities even have kitchens with refrigerators and stoves.


Many museums have rooms in which a birthday party can be held. Have a kid’s birthday party at the local art museum where staff members participate by presenting an art project. Organize a scavenger hunt where the object is to identify objects in a painting. The one who finds the most wins. Adult parties at the art museum can be wonderfully elegant and interesting.

Other Venues

Have a party at the local bowling alley and use the snack bar to supply food. Many gyms like the YMCA offer party venues where kids can run around and get physical. Take the party to an ice skating or roller rink. See if the local zoo, aquarium or kid’s science center offers rooms for birthday parties and go on a tour during the party

Locations for birthday parties are not hard to find if you look hard enough. There is the perfect place right around the corner.

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