Party Drinks for a 21st Birthday

Some 21-year-olds are very responsible when it comes to drinking, even on their birthday. That doesn’t mean the rest of the guests at the birthday party will be. 21st birthday party drinks should consist of low alcohol content and include beer, some wines or wine coolers and mixed drinks. It might be a good idea to have a trustworthy bartender that will only serve those that are 21 and over alcoholic drinks. Provide a variety of fruit juices and soda for those that cannot have alcohol or make virgin drinks.

A good way to separate guests into these age groups is to give them different colored wrist bands when they arrive at the party. In many states, the host can be prosecuted for serving drinks to underage guests. Control over-zealous guests by providing mixed drinks. They have less alcohol in them and can be served with lots of ice that will water them down. Set a limit for your guests, because hosts can also be liable for any accidents that might happen if they let birthday revelers drive while intoxicated.

Coffee and Tea Drinks

Irish coffee will appeal to the coffee drinkers at the birthday party. It is made with coffee, milk and Bailey’s Irish Cream in a modest amount. Long Island Tea is a cool drink with small amounts of tequila, rum, gin, vodka and triple sec mixed with cola and sour mix. Use a large amount of ice and garnish with lemon wedges.

Fruity Drinks

Martinis are made with vodka and often are fruit flavored with apple, pomegranate and other fruit flavors. Use peach schnapps, which doesn’t pack too much of a punch, and orange juice to make fuzzy navels. A Bellini is made with peach juice, lemon juice and sparkling wine or champagne with a touch of grenadine. Mimosas have equal parts orange juice and sparkling wine, which usually does not have a high amount of alcohol.

Other Drinks

You can make your guests a minty drink called the peppermint patty by mixing crème de menthe with crème de cacao and straining it into a small glass full of ice. A nice beer mixed drink is made by filling a glass half full with beer then adding gingerale.

Non Alcoholic Drinks

Virgin drinks might be just the thing if a large quantity of guests is under 21. These guests can look like they are having a drink when they are really not consuming alcohol at all. Make a Raspberry Spritzer by combining seltzer or club soda with blended frozen raspberries, fresh mint and a raspberry syrup with ice. A Citrus fizz is made with orange carbonated water, frozen lemonade, lemon juice and ice. Try a virgin pina colada by pureeing ripe bananas and diced pineapple with pineapple juice, coconut milk and ice.

21st birthday party drinks are fine when turning that milestone age. Just be sure that guests drink responsibly and you, as the host, has control over who gets alcohol and who drives home after the party.

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