Personalized Greetings with Print Out Birthday Cards

The stores and card shops are filled with an array of birthday greetings, many that are tempting to buy until you turn them over and see the price. Depending on the gift you plan to give someone, you can actually end up spending almost as much, or even more, on the card that accompanies it!

Many people don’t like spending more than a couple of dollars on an item that will likely be tossed away or recycled. For some folks, price is the only reason they need to choose print out birthday cards instead. Cost efficiency is certainly one of the main benefits of this option, but there are other features that make home-generated cards an attractive choice.

Print out birthday cards allow you to personalize your greeting so that the card truly is one-of-a-kind, created especially for the person who opens and reads it. Instead of a card that says, “Happy Birthday to a Great Cousin,” you can add the cousin’s name for a touch that shows it was made just for them and nobody else in the world.

Customization is another appealing aspect to cards you print yourself. You may be able to change the color scheme of a pre-designed card so that it matches the recipient’s favorite colors. It is often possible to insert a special picture, add, remove or switch out graphics, and type in a quote, phrase or expression that has important meaning to the recipient. Most programs allow you to choose from several different styles and sizes.

You can also design a print out card from scratch, starting with a blank computer canvas and turning it into your own work of birthday art! Making a card from the ground up is also a great opportunity to encourage the artist in your child. You will enjoy watching them give thought to what the other person might like, then put their muse to work on making a masterpiece for their granddad or best friend. Since the majority of people respond very favorably to a card made especially for them, and appreciate the thought and time that went into it, your child will take pride in the finished work and experience all the good feelings that go along with making another person happy.

Most of today’s home printers are capable of producing cards that show off rich color and sharp detail. A variety of paper grades and card stocks are also available. Because the overall quality and appearance of print out cards has improved greatly in recent years, many people even use this method to make wedding invitations instead of incurring the higher cost of working with a professional printer.

Creative, customized and cost efficient birthday cards are as close as your own computer. And while many store bought cards do eventually end up in the waste or recycle bin, chances are good grandpa will never part with the special birthday masterpiece made just for him.

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