Places to Print Free Printable Birthday Cards

Sometimes, Hallmark just doesn’t have the right sentiment. Or, perhaps there are individual elements that would be best for the birthday honoree. Here are a few sites that offer free printable birthday cards in a wide variety of styles and selection.

This site offers free, printable cards for birthday, graduations, thank you notes, and congratulations. Fully customizable, personal photos and images can be added to the card by uploading to the site. Conversely, there are also pre-loaded cards with images and cute sayings. This is also an animal-lover’s site, with many cards featuring puppies, bees, horses, and many other furry friends.

Full of hilarious birthday sentiments, this site is perfect for racy, funny cards between adults. While nothing on the site is the least objectionable, these cards are geared toward a more adult flavor and humor. This site does not offer an upload feature, but it does allow for a saved account so that visitors can save previously-created cards. Sit down and make all your cards once a month and save time!

Children and busy adults alike will love this simple point-and-click site. Cards are fully-customizable, or one can choose from a pre-made card. On this site, there is a large selection of free cards, as well as wide array of cards that carry a related fee. Navigation is a breeze, and there are settings for ink-saving printing!

This site is perfect for the heavy designer. Elements are added according to the background color of the card, and uploads can be added simply and easily. While the process here is not as fast or easy as other sites, it is indeed comprehensive and offers the widest array of options as far as coloring, sizing, and full customization.

Home-printed cards can be embellished with stickers, gel pens, glitter to add a personal touch. Depending on the intended recipient, children, spouses, and partners may also enjoy helping to decorate the card and the accompanying envelope.

No matter which site the card is from, printable birthday cards are a wonderful, creative way to show affection and share warm regards for the recipient!

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