Raggedy Ann Birthday Cake

Bless Wilton Company for making a darling cake pan for Raggedy Ann. She is a favorite rag doll from the 1800s that has endured in appeal. I had fun decorating this cake, and plan to take it to the Senior Center for them to enjoy.

Cake is a Duncan Hines cake mix made per directions on box.

I used PAM spray for BAKING, and it worked well. No cake stuck to my pan and she came out of the pan easily.

As soon as the cake cooled, I put her on a foil covered foam board and put her in the freezer. I don’t know pioneer women decorated without a freezer!

Trickiest parts were coloring the icings. I used all buttercream frosting made with Crisco frosting and confectioners sugar.

Starting with pure white frosting, I needed black for shoes, blue fro dress, and skin color for face and hands. I had a “coal black” gel from Chefmaster, but that turned out too green. I added McCormick liquid blue food coloring plus small amounts of both brown and black. I was aiming for a navy blue for her shoes since I didn’t have black. Because her dress is blue, the navy shoes are better than green. This was my hardest color. A friend has now told me to start with white frosting and powdered cocoa! I will, next time.

Skin color was trial and error. I added a small amount of Chefmaster brown (just a tip off a toothpick), and small amounts of red and yellow from McCormick liquid food coloring. Frosting was tan but not quite right. I took about a 1/4 cup of tan frosting into another bowl and started beating in more white until it was right.

The blue was easy. It is a gel sky blue from Wilton that is quite bright. It got softer as I mixed in the white frosting.

Raggedy Ann is brought from the freezer to dress. Start with skin: face and hands. Then I colored her shoes. The blue dress was next. I had a photo of Raggedy Ann that I was copying. In the photo she has ruffles of blue dress for her collar and ruffles at the bottom of her white pinafore. Ruffles are hard to do with frosting but It looks pretty good.

Last I applied the white starting with the straps of the pinafore. I had to scrape a straight ling out of the blue dress. When I applied the blue, I left spaces for the white strap, but the two colors still mixed on the edges until I cleared out a channel to place my strap of white.

The pinafore and legs were easy: all white.

Back to the freezer for a few hours. This really helps as your kitchen and frosting get warm.

I started to clean up at this stage, but I left the 3 final bowls of skin color, blue, and black out covered with Saran Wrap to keep them nice. I might have needed to do some touch up.

I have a black writing tube that is softened in hot water, so I set this up in a drinking glass before the final decorations. The writing tube was used for eyebrows, lashes, and mouth.

Her hair is strawberry Twizzler candy.
Eyes are Junior Mints.

Her nose is a tiny bit of pink marshmallow fondant.  I had a little left over from another project.  It keeps well frozen.
Her mouth is a Lifesaver candy.

Dots on her dress are Cinnamon Red Hot candies.
The stripes on her socks are Rips Whips: a thin candy that comes in many stripes from The Foreign Candy Company.

This is a fun cake to make, and I hope many of you try it.

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