Special Gift Ideas for His 50th Birthday

Whether he’s your father, uncle, brother or cousin, finding a special gift for 50th birthday is imperative. Your relationship has usually been quite long by the time he turns 50, so you will want to select a gift that accurately portrays your admiration and affection. A 50th birthday is also considered one of the most meaningful, which makes your choice of present all the more important. Here are some gifts to consider if you really hope to impress.

Hobby-Related Gifts

If he’s an avid golfer, enjoys horseback riding or is an outdoors enthusiast, he has likely received all of the small accouterments of his passion years ago. For example, a 50-year-old equestrian already has all of the horseshoe-shaped ashtrays, key chains and horse-related books he will ever need. However, he may need new boots or a new saddle, as these things wear out over time. Consider a gift certificate for a portion of the cost, or go with him to the shops so that he can select the precise item he wants. If you have no idea where to get such things, ask someone which catalogs and periodicals he subscribes to or where he acquires his hobby supplies.

The Gift of Experience

You don’t need to book him a week-long cruise in the Caribbean to impress. For a man who loves to fish, read, hike or watch birds, a weekend in a lake cabin can be just as fulfilling. If he enjoys rock climbing or white water rafting, take a day trip to a local point of interest. No matter what experience you decide upon, be sure to take plenty of pictures that can then be turned into a small photo album as a memento of his gift. Instead of another bauble on his shelf, the two of you will have meaningful memories of your shared time together.

Historical Gifts

If your uncle always took you to the park to skate or your cousin was the first to take you skydiving, recreating this shared history or giving him a portion of it can make for a great gift. Have an old photograph of the two of you doing activities together refinished and professionally framed. If he is still skating or skydiving, offer to go with him again and you will pay. While this is a similar idea to creating a new experience together, reliving an old, cherished time together can be just as powerful and meaningful.

A gift for 50th birthday often carries with it a long and cherished relationship. Whether you are male or female, a niece or a cousin, making new memories, reliving old ones and supporting his passions in life will keep your family ties strong and allow the two of you to celebrate your many years of association. These ideas are only a starting point to a wonderful and well-received gift.

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