Spring Themed Birthday Cake Ideas

When thinking about a springtime birthday cake, pastel colors and flowers are usually the first thoughts that come to mind. Even someone with no cake decorating experience can make a beautiful cake fairly quickly.

Craft and hobby stores are full of ideas about how to make your own cakes. From shaped pans to icing tips, any design that you want is right at your fingertips. Buy a flower shaped pan and use an icing bag to decorate it, or simply use different colored icing and a spatula to spread the icing. Make the stem or leaves green and add whatever color you choose to the flower. Use candies or decorator icing to add the final touches.

If you have never tried decorating a cake before, one tip to remember is after the cake is cool, carefully brush the crumbs off the sides where it touched the pan. Use a thin layer of icing to seal the crumbs before trying to spread the final layer. This keeps crumbs from getting into the top coat of icing and makes your cake look even more professional. Practice with icing tips on wax paper to get the right feel for them. It does take practice, but you will soon learn just how to handle the icing bag and what each tip does.

Decorating a cake can be overwhelming. Try spreading icing on the cake and then decorating with Easter candies. Pastel colored M & M’s or skittles can be used to add flowers or another design to the cake. Check the cake decorating aisles of your local craft store for other decorating options such as colored sugars or sprinkles. Perhaps you could cut a circle shaped cake in half, use brown icing to cover it and then lay colored Easter eggs along the top edge to form an Easter basket. If you are very careful, a handle for the basket could be cut from the other half circle and attached to the basket cake.

If attempting a large cake seems like too much effort, why not make a spring cake from cupcakes? Make a six inch cake and several cupcakes. Use pink icing on the cake and yellow on some of the cupcakes for the flower. Set the yellow cupcakes around the cake for the petals and then spread green icing on other cupcakes for a stem. You could even form a bunny or Easter basket with cupcakes.

Remember, the best springtime birthday cake comes from the heart. Unless you are a professional, your cake will have mistakes and that is okay.

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