St Patrick’s Day Irish Themed Birthday Party

Celebrations with an Irish theme are suitable for both adults and children, although adults may be able to imbibe in some lovely green alcoholic beverages while children are more suited to green tinted punch. Decorate with green and serve traditional Irish food for adults and center the festivities on magical creatures related to Irish lore for kids.


Invitations are simple to make. Just use a shamrock cookie cutter and cut out a shape from green paper. Print party specifics on the front, fold it in half and mail it in a regular envelope.


Decorating with green is the most important option for an Irish party. Use green balloons, streamers, garland and cover tables with green table cloths using green or white plates and cups. Place small black plastic cauldrons filled with fake gold pieces on each table for a centerpiece or fill clear glass vases with green and white pebbles or marbles and insert a green dyed carnation or two. Hang green and white twinkle lights around windows and on large plants. Since the leprechaun’s gold is hidden at the end of the rainbow, decorate with rainbow streamers or hang a rainbow shaped piñata to be broken at a later time during the party. Use fairy and unicorn figurines to decorate and bring some magic to the room.


Food for an adult party should consist of traditional Irish food. Serve your guests Irish stew or toasted corn beef sandwiches. Potatoes are traditional Irish food, because they were the main source of nourishment in Ireland before the potato famine. Make potato soup and cheese filled potato skins or do something different and make a potato bar that includes either mashed or baked potatoes with a variety of toppings including bacon, sour cream, cheese and cooked broccoli. Food for your child’s party can consist of sandwiches cut in shamrock shapes using a cookie cutter and lime gelatin with cream cheese or peanut butter filled celery sticks. Make three to four heart-shaped, single layer cakes and put them together to form a shamrock. Frost with green icing and place green candy coated chocolates all around the edges.

Activities and Games

Even adults enjoy a scavenger hunt as a birthday party activity. Hide gold coins, bags of fairy dust, shamrocks, stuffed unicorns, Celtic knots, Celtic crosses, potatoes, fairy figurines and some plastic snakes to honor the fact that Saint Patrick chased the snakes out of Ireland. Provide teams with a list of items and see who comes back with the most. Use a real potato to play hot potato and pass it around a circle while Irish music plays. When the music stops, the person that is holding the potato is out. Place a black cauldron on the floor and allow your guests to toss leprechaun coins from a distance. If you toss one in the cauldron, you win a prize.

A Saint Patrick Day birthday party is good for anyone who loves Celtic culture or the color green. It will be a celebration filled with fun, good food, good music and revelry for all.

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