Super Hero Party for Kids

Imagination, action, and fun are three tenets of kids’ birthday party themes, and nothing combines these traits as well as a super hero party. This guide walks party planners through the steps necessary for a memorable event.

Invitations provide the first opportunity to introduce the theme. Will the party be dedicated to a specific superhero, or will all beacons of hope and justice be welcome? Parents can purchase invitations for virtually any cartoon character, movie-related superstar or comic book crime fighter.

Decorations add life to superhero party themes. They come in a range of DIY and pre-assembled kits to suit any skill level and budget. In addition to streamers, balloons, and banners, party organizers should consider such items as: rope webs for a Spider-Man party or Gotham City skyscrapers for a Batman theme, super hero cut-outs for photo shoots, “POW” comic book lettering for food and game stations and plenty of posters and wall decals.

Of course, no super hero birthday party is complete without costumes. Children may want to dress as one specific super hero, may want to attend the party as any favorite super hero, or may enjoy making up their own superhero name and powers and dressing accordingly. Costume party themes offer a great opportunity to host a contest and award prizes for the most creative outfit, most daring super power, most helpful hero, etc.

Food choices are plentiful for superhero party themes. Iron Man quesadilla fuel, mini pizzas with Transformers robot faces and Wolverine chicken skewers provide a taste of what imagination can create. Incredible Hulk lime slushies and Mr. Incredible refueler coolers made with ginger ale, pineapple juice and orange juice are popular treats. Any parent can make a fantastic birthday cake with theme-related cake molds and food coloring paste.

Games keep kids entertained while the food is being prepared and wear off excess energy from too much birthday cake. One of the most popular activities related to superhero birthday party themes is the junior crimefighter training course. Example stations include imitating Wonder Woman by tossing hula hoops over evil villain bop bags, using silly string webs to shoot down bad guy targets like Spider-Man, using sticky stretchy-hand toys to retrieve items like Elastigirl or having a Clark Kent costume relay race like Superman. Guests can also play the Kryptonite version of Hot Potato with a glow stick or a rock covered in green paint and glitter.

Finally, kids should leave with mementos. Popular party favors like small toys, stickers, and candy related to any superhero can be purchased online. Some choices are mutant creatures that grow, disc launchers, yo-yos, spinners, balloons, Frisbees, pencils, and taffy.

Remember that superhero birthday party themes cannot take place without the dedication of family and friends. Celebrate this special occasion with an action-packed day, and give yourself a medal for stepping in to save the day.

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