Tips for Planning a Tea Party Themed Birthday Party

Party themes add excitement, imagination and fun to a birthday party, and they also make it easier to plan. Girls play tea party with their dolls and each other, so a real tea party birthday will be a huge thrill.


The invitations should be very formal looking with garden party themes as the main design as well as a tea pot and tea cups. Request the presence of each guest for a specific time and place. It can be mentioned in the invitation that the dress is formal with hats. This just means the girls can dress up and wear a special hat. They can decorate their hats before they come or, do it as an activity. Afternoon tea is usually between four and six o’clock.shutterstock_146642228


If weather permits, having the tea party outside means less decoration. Vases of flowers are the main decoration with a special center piece for the tea table. Dont make the centerpiece so prominent that the girls cant see each other. A pastel floral or white table cloth with matching cloth napkins will set the mood. An arch decorated with flowers at the entrance and a tea caddy complete with tea cozy is essential for the right effect. Let the girls use real china cups and plates. Soft music can be playing in the background. If it is necessary to hold the tea party indoors, decorating the room with paper flowers will give the feeling of a garden party.

Games And Activities

The main activity for tea party themes will be serving the tea and food. Just like when they play, only this time it is for real. Decorating a simple straw or cotton hat with artificial flowers, birds and fruits is great fun and also a good party favor to take home. If the budget allows, purchase plain white plastic cups and saucers and let the girls design their own china pattern. Colorful permanent markers work best, so help the children be careful not to mark their clothes.

Food And Birthday Cake

The food for tea party themes should be finger food. Tiny sandwiches, frosted cookies and, if the budget allows, chocolate clairs and petit-fours. These tiny cakes are a dream-come-true for any girls tea party. A few tiny cut pieces of apple, pear, peach or other fruit will look pretty on the table and be tasty. Each item should be served on its own plate, and an adult can play the part of waiter and offer the food to each guest in turn. If cake and ice cream is essential even for tea party themes, cupcakes and individual cups of ice cream are the best choice. The tea can be any beverage, just make sure it is served from the teapot.alternatives-to-birthday-cake

Goody Bags

The goody bag could also be decorated at the party. Otherwise, a small paper bag or box with a small china cup and saucer and a handkerchief inside is a great favor for tea party themes. Add a lollypop and it will be the best birthday tea party ever and the guests may save the cup and saucer for years.


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