List of Birthday Ideas - Party Drinks

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Party Drinks for a 21st Birthday

Some 21-year-olds are very responsible when it comes to drinking, even on their birthday. That doesn’t mean the rest of the guests at the birthday party will be. 21st birthday party drinks should consist of low alcohol content and include beer, some wines or wine coolers and mixed drinks. It ... read more

Drinks for Adult Birthday Parties

When you think about drinks for adult birthday parties, you may think about drinks like mint juleps, sweet tea, chai, cappuccino, Mike’s Hard Lemonade, or Smirnoff Ice, depending on the formality of the party. For many, creating a delicious concoction seems like it is just too far out of their ... read more

Alternative Drinks for Kids Birthday Parties

With childhood obesity rates rising, many parents balk at the idea of serving sugary sodas at birthday parties. This is especially true if a traditional cake and other treats are offered. However, making more health-conscious drinks for kids birthday parties can be a snap if you consider these simple alternatives. ... read more

Celebratory 21st Birthday Party Drinks

As we grow older, there are certain birthdays that mark significant milestones in our lives. One important rite of passage is the 21st birthday. This day is a time to celebrate a young person’s passage from child to adult. There are many increased privileges and responsibilities associated with turning 21 ... read more

Party Drinks for a Refreshing Springtime Birthday

As the end of winter draws close, people begin anticipating the beautiful promise of spring. Springtime is the perfect time to celebrate a birthday as flowers begin to bloom and cold winds gives way to light, airy breezes. Celebrate your life and the start of a fresh season with refreshments ... read more

Fall Party Food and Drink for Kids

Fall birthday parties presents an opportunity to make interesting party food. Halloween and Thanksgiving is prevalent during the fall so play this into the party. Have kids dress up in costume or make them come as a Pilgrim or Indian. Decorate with pumpkins, Indian corn and gourds and play games ... read more

Fall Birthday

Classic articles on how to create great parties in the Fall: Parties Fall Birthday Party Inspirations and Ideas Planning a football-themed adult birthday party The Best Fall Parties take Place Outside An Adult Birthday Party Around Thanksgiving Celebrate Fall Birthdays in Style Food and Drink Fall Party Food and Drinks ... read more

Birthday Party Drink Cranberry Punch

A free party drink recipe from for your next party Cranberry Punch 3 ounces cherry gelatin 1 cup boiling water 6 ounce can frozen lemonade 3 cups very cold water 1 quart chilled cranberry juice About 20 ice cubes or a molded ring of ice 12 ounces chilled ginger ... read more

4 Birthday Party Drinks for Thirsty Kids

With a little creativity, any parent can convince a room full of thirty kids that the beverages on the drink table are much better than the soda in the fridge. Here are four ideas for creative birthday party drinks that are certain to capture every childs imagination and taste buds. ... read more

Soda Bar, Milk Shakes for Kid’s Birthday Parties

What kid doesn't like ice cream? Childrens birthday parties often feature a cake and ice cream, so why not have more fun with it and set up a milk shake station at the next birthday party? The options are nearly limitless, and kids and adults alike will love their own ... read more