Unique Birthday Gift Wrapping Tips and Ideas

A birthday gift should be colorful and seduce the birthday recipient into wanting to open it and see what is under all that interesting paper. Many birthday gift wrapping ideas include commercial or handmade paper, but fabric can also be used.

Commercial Paper

Commercial birthday wrapping paper is found in just about any store. It comes on rolls or folded in squares and is in a variety of colors. Choose a wrapping paper that compliments the personality of the birthday recipient. If the birthday person is a child, choose a cartoon character bedecked paper. If it is an adult, pick their favorite color or paper with their favorite flower printed on it.

Homemade Wrapping Paper

Use white or brown craft paper on a roll to make homemade wrapping paper. Many things can be done to this paper to make it beautiful and it can also be left plain for a crisp, clean package. Butcher paper is also a good material. Kids can use crayons and markers and draw on the paper. Use stamps and stamp pads to make lovely paper for adults. If a friend loves and collect frogs, get a frog stamp and stamp the motif all over the paper.

Acrylic paint will stick to craft paper, but is a little harder to adhere to butcher paper’s shiny side. Use spray glue and a dusting of glitter for a sparkly present. Use the inside of a brown paper shopping bag for small presents and decorate with any of the above methods.

Other Items to Use as Wrapping Paper

The Sunday comic pages makes colorful and cheap wrap for a child’s birthday gift. Use regular black and white newspaper to wrap a gift for someone that loves to read or is a writer. Pick up fabric remnants for a few dollars and wrap gifts with it. Calico fabric makes a lovely homespun wrapping paper. Glue it to the package with hot glue or very strong double sided tape turning the raw edges under. Use a terry cloth towel as wrapping paper. Gather it around the gift and tie it with a piece of ribbon or string at the top. The birthday recipient gets a towel along with a gift. Put a gift or several in a basket and enclose it with cellophane. Gift bags are popular these days and are a good alternative to gift wrapping.

Wrapping Accessories

Do not forget ribbons and bows on a birthday present. They give the gift dimension and a little elegance. Bows are easily made, but professional commercial bows come in all shapes, sizes, colors and textures that really enhance a package. Use curly ribbon to make a curly bow by running it across the blade of scissors. It will curl in little ringlets that will spring back when pulled. Use silk or dry flowers instead or with a bow to embellish a birthday gift. Even small toys, like a rubber ducky, can be tied to the package to make it festive. Scrapbook cutouts are another item that make interesting ornaments on a wrapped gift.

Be creative when it comes to birthday gift wrapping to let the recipient know the gift is just as interesting as the wrapping.

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