Unique Birthday Gifts for a 40 Year Old Lady

Choosing a great birthday present can be difficult; however, choosing a unique birthday gift for a 40 year old lady can be an even greater challenge. Here are some tips to keep in mind when considering 40th birthday ideas and unique birthday gifts for this special day.

First, it is always fun to choose gifts that focus on this special number and highlight this significant time period in your friend’s life. For example, it might be nice to create a gift box with 40 small presents. Candies, small pieces of jewelry, bath soaps, and other trinkets are great ideas for this present. Maybe choose one or two larger items, like a book or nice article of clothing, then choose smaller items for the rest of the package.

For a more personal gift, consider giving a vase or mug with 40 handwritten messages that your friend can open once a day for the next 40 days. These notes could share your favorite inside jokes, quotes you know she will appreciate, memories of some of the good times you have had together, or other personal recollections. This personalized gift is a wonderful way to share how much you care about your friend or loved one. Unique birthday gifts like these are great because your friend will be able to enjoy them each day for the next 40 days.
You might also focus the celebration around this significant number. Consider these 40th birthday ideas: decorate the room with 40 balloons, give party favors with 40 mints or small candies, or light 40 candles for the cake. One thing to keep in mind, however, is that some women may be particularly sensitive about their age on this birthday. Remember this as you choose party ideas; if you feel your friend will be upset about turning 40, you should try not to overemphasize the number during your party.

Emphasizing that she is still young will make her feel wonderful.  Gifts of fitness, beauty, lingerie, jewelry, coupons for spa days, or a truly great pair of shoes are sure to please.  You know your friend best, so pick a gift that will make her smile for a very long time.

While every birthday is cause for celebration, a woman’s 40th birthday is a significant milestone in her life. This day should be given extra special attention, with gifts and party ideas your friend will remember for many years.


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