What to Serve at Birthday Parties

Looking at food for birthday parties for young children, teenagers, and adults; the key to making it a happy event is keeping it simple and therefore less stressful on everyone. From choosing the food to choosing the gifts, make lists one for foods and one for gifts. Keeping things simple makes for a better time and makes it easier on parents and guests.

For young children, pigs in a blanket or hot dogs served with individual chip bags are sure to be a hit for the Happy Birthday child. Also you can never go wrong with cheese or pepperoni pizza and chips. They now make a cake shaped in tiers like a cake but made from individual cupcakes decorated as you choose.

A sheet cake is also a hit with young children with characters they like: Cinderella, Sponge Bob, Barbie, Buzz Lightyear to name a few. Favors placed in gift bags might include: small cans of play dough, plastic bugs, Matchbox or Hotwheels cars for boys, and for girls: play jewelry, nail polish, hair accessories, sidewalk chalk.
For more ideas on birthday party food, go to party-food-recipes.

With the Happy Birthday teenager, things could be a little more complicated but not too bad. For the teenage gathering, you can’t go wrong with sub sandwiches and chips. Make a bar with your sub rolls, meats, cheeses, lettuce, and other condiments of your choice, serve with individual chip bags for a sure party hit. Teenagers are also pizza lovers but you might have to go the route of a supreme type pizza or meat lovers pizza along with chips and lots of soda to drink. You might also want to try a taco bar and let them make their own, complete with nachos and cheese. One other great idea is a night at the movies party. Make a mini concession stand and serve popcorn, large bags of candy, hot dogs, sodas and nachos along with a just released movie they love and parents are an instant hit. Gift favors might include t-shirts they decorate, nail polish, burned cds of favorite songs, sweat bands, small flashlight and chocolate coins. Tiered cupcake cake would be a huge hit because you could do different flavors to please all.

Now for the Happy Birthday adult, there are different food ideas. Spaghetti with a choice of different sauces served with a salad and garlic toast would be an easy hit. You can also try the breakfast supper entourage. Let the guests make their own omelets and have hash browns ready along with hot cakes and sausage. A traditional layered birthday cake or sheet cake is always a winner in the adult party circle as long as you remember the ice cream on the side. Gift favors might include t-shirts, decorated tote bags, chef’s apron, to name a few.

Take these ideas and have yourself a surefire winner no matter what the age. It WILL be a wonderful time for all. Good luck and enjoy!


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