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Baby’s 1st Birthday Party Ideas

It is most likely that a baby’s 1st birthday will not be very memorable for your baby, but it will be for the people that love that baby. Providing the right location, inviting the right people, offering good food, and organizing suitable activities all go together designing the perfect party

Location and Time
Keep the party at a location familiar to the baby to reduce stress on everyone. Home will provide the baby’s bedroom for a quiet place if things get too overwhelming. Grandma’s house would be a good option as well. Have the party at a time when the birthday celebrant would normally be awake and avoid nap times. Either have an open house type party where people can come and go at will, or keep it to a minimum of hours with 3 hours at the most.

Use a picture of the one-year-old as the party invitation and write the time, date and other particulars on the back. Be careful about the amount of people you invite to the party. The more people, the more likely the birthday celebrant will get cranky and out of sorts requiring attention from the family member giving the party.

Keep decorations up high and to a minimum to avoid hazards to your baby and guests. Use pictures of the birthday celebrant as decorations. Place a clean blanket in a corner of a room and pile some safe toys there were other young children can play along with the birthday celebrant. Avoid balloons that can cause anguish if they break and a danger if swallowed. Also avoid confetti and other decorations with small parts.

Adults that attend might have their own children to take care of so provide finger foods that are easy to eat with one hand. Make finger sandwiches, cut sub sandwiches into small portions or serve mini hamburgers. Provide dip with vegetables and cut up fruits and cheeses. Keep bear and fish- shaped crackers, dry cereal, drink boxes and other kid friendly food around for the little ones. Avoid any foods that are hard like candy coated chocolates or popcorn because they pose a choking hazard to small children.

Provide some easy games like a bean bag toss, or pin the tail on the donkey for older guests. Have guests bring memorabilia like a photo of a family member, a note on a pretty notecard, a piece of jewelry or a toy with an explanation of who provided the trinket and how it relates to the birthday recipient. Place the trinkets in a time capsule to be opened at a certain time in their life when the child will appreciate it. Give a family member the responsibility of taking photos during the party to be put in a scrap book for future reference.

Birthday parties for a one-year old can be fun and stressful so get help from other family members. Instead of overwhelming the baby with a pile of gifts, ask guests to bring unwrapped baby items to donate to a shelter. The most important thing is to have guests and family celebrate the baby’s first year of life.

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