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Birthday Gift Baskets of Style and Good Sense

A birthday gift that expresses the unique style and interests of the loved one will always be welcome and appreciated. An individualized gift basket filled with the special luxuries that he or she would enjoy but would never buy makes a special day particularly pleasurable.

The “basket” can be any container that would be appropriate for the gift. A toddler who loves to play in the sand might enjoy a small plastic bucket filled with durable toys and a pair of unbreakable sunglasses with good UV protection. A backpack with travel-size toiletries, T shirts and socks would be perfect for a teenager planning a trip.

Wrap the “basket” or simply tie on a big bow with a birthday card and present it with a big smile. This is one gift that will certainly be used, not re-gifted to someone else. The key to great gift baskets is making sure the container and its contents suit the style and interests of the recipient.

Gift Baskets for Sweethearts
What are the interests and pursuits of the loved one? A fisherman (or woman) would be thrilled with a creel basket filled with sunscreen, lures, bobbers, fishing line, insect repellent and other gadgets related to the sport. A girly girl, on the other hand, will be pleased with makeup or skin care items that are contained in a special basket or tray she can place on the vanity.

Gift Baskets for Busy Moms
What mother of toddlers wouldn’t smile with delight when presented with a sweetly wrapped basket of small luxuries? If the goodies are accompanied by a note offering baby-sitting services, so much the better! She deserves time for herself but may have trouble fitting personal breaks in her hectic schedule.

Gift Baskets for Sports Enthusiasts
Any sport hobbyist would greet this basket with enthusiasm. Choose a container related to the sport, such as a bogey basket for a golfer. A duffel bag or inexpensive cooler is another appropriate option. Then visit the department store or sporting goods outlet and choose items to go into the “basket.” Get ready for a big hug.

Budget-Conscious Gift Baskets
For the celebrant on a tight budget, look for containers at a discount outlet or even a resale shop. The produce worker at a grocery store may be able to get a nice sturdy wooden basket for a polite customer. Clean the container well and sand any rough areas. Finish with a coat of spray paint if needed. Let this air out for a week or so.

If the “basket” is overly roomy, provide some filler that is related to the theme. This can be any clean, bulky material. Easter “grass” is bulky and usually inexpensive. Choose the main items for the basket, then fill in with snacks and other inexpensive finds.

A basket need not come from a fancy and expensive store to be a great gift. Imagination, time and careful consideration of the recipient’s favorite activities will help any presenter provide the perfect birthday gift.

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