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Birthday Party Games for All Ages

If you’re planning a birthday celebration where there will be a wide range of ages, birthday party games should include everyone. After all, no one should be left sitting on the sidelines! Here are a collection of games that can be played by nearly everyone assembled.

Speed Categories

All your guests will need to play this game is paper and writing utensils. Have the guest of honor announce a category, such as winter sports, breeds of dogs, or countries in Europe. The participants then have two minutes to write as many answers as possible. When time is up, go around the room reading answers aloud. Those who hear their answers should cross them off. At the end of the round, the player with the most unique answers announces the next category. The players with the most unique answers after ten rounds is the winner.

Crab and Caterpillar Relay Race

This is a fun, outdoor game. Mark a start and a finish line and divide the guest into equal teams. Each team should divide its members into equal numbers of crabs and caterpillars. The crabs will race walking on their feet and hands backwards, like a crab. The caterpillars will race on their bellies. The first team to have all of their crabs and caterpillars to cross the finish line and return are the winners!

Mime Telephone

Begin the game by having one guest go into another room and act out a scene, such as washing a car, playing fetch with a dog, or painting a wall, for one other guest. Then send in a third guest to watch the second re-create the scene. Have the third guest come out and re-enact the scene for the rest of the guests so they can guess what the scene is. If they cannot guess, have the second person act it out. If the guests still do not know, the first person should act out the scene. The first guest to correctly guess the scene will be the one to begin the next round and choose their two co-actors. If no one guesses correctly, the first person must go again.

All of these games are appropriate for guests of all ages. While the cake, snacks, and music are important, the birthday party games are essential to any successful celebration. Don’t forget to pick up some prizes at the party supply store for the winners!

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