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Ideas for Giving Flowers as Gifts for Women

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Flowers have long been considered one of the more romantic gifts you can give to a lady. However, selecting the right type and presentation is essential if you are hoping to make a favorable impression on her birthday. Choosing the right species and type will make flowers as gifts personal to the lady who will receive them.

Here are some ideas to consider before placing an order.

Live Cut or Live Potted

The traditional cut-flower arrangement, while beautiful, only lasts for a week or two. Some ladies might prefer a potted plant that will flower over and over again, while others may resent the pruning, watering and feeding that is necessary with a live plant. Think about what the recipient is most likely to enjoy before you decide. If she lovingly tends to a patio garden or has numerous houseplants, she may rather have a potted plant she can enjoy for years to come.

Silk is an Option

If the lady you hope to impress has allergies or mischievous house pets, live flowers of any kind may be a poor choice. High quality silk flowers look just like the real thing and can last for years if they are properly dusted and protected from the elements. Do not make the mistake of purchasing cheap artificial flowers at craft stores. They are often made out of plastic and will look dreadful quite quickly. Quality silk flowers are usually available for purchase at higher-end gift shops and some card stores, as well as online.

Blown Glass Flowers

For the woman who loves colorful, delicate art, blown glass flowers in a striking vase can be the perfect gift. Available in a wide variety of colors and species, glass flowers will last forever as long as they are treated gently. They also require no upkeep other than occasional dusting. If you decide on blown glass, be sure to keep the boxes and packing materials. This will make moving and storing them all the easier for the recipient.

Know Her Favorite

While a huge spray of lilies is lovely, she won’t be impressed if her favorite variety is red roses. Once you know what type of flowers you are going to buy, knowing what species she prefers is equally important. You can look for clues throughout her home, or by pointing out flowers in public. She may just let her favorite kind slip out in conversation! If this fails, try asking her sisters or friends.

Flowers as gifts for her birthday can make a lasting impression. By carefully choosing the right type, you will give her a gift that is suited to her style and taste.

Choosing the right variety makes the gift personal and unique to her. Flowers are known to be one of the most powerful symbols of love, so she will be honored to receive them for her birthday.

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