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Locations for 21st Birthday Party

Your 21st birthday is one of the most exciting birthdays you will experience. This major milestone deserves to be celebrated in an unforgettable way with a party that expresses who you are as an individual. Since you will carry the pictures and memories from this party with you for the rest of your life, you should take time to choose a venue that will allow you to have fun and truly feel celebrated by your friends and family. Here are a few creative locations for 21st birthday party that will help you create that extraordinary birthday experience.


Celebrate with Music

If music is a big part of your life, what better way to celebrate than at a performance of one of your favorite bands or musicians? The concert environment is lively, providing an energetic background for a 21st birthday outing with your closest friends. Be sure to stay after the show to receive an autograph or photo with the artist. This one-of-a-kind memorabilia will provide a tangible reminder of your passage into adulthood.


Defy Expectation

Individuals who like to do the unexpected and enjoy spontaneous and quirky fun can host their birthday party at a venue that is typically frequented by kids. Restaurant arcades like Chuck E Cheese are entertaining locations for 21st birthday party. Bring your friends or family and enjoy a cheesy pizza dinner followed by a night of playing games. You could also consider having your party at a bounce house, amusement park or the zoo.


Create a Homemade Dinner Adventure

Turn the preparation of a delicious birthday dinner into an adventure with your closest friends. If you love to create things yourself, celebrate your 21st with a party where you have crafted the refreshments. There is something especially delicious about a meal you have created yourself. When you choose a menu, do not be afraid of picking new items that you have never before prepared. Go shopping for ingredients with your friends and spend the afternoon preparing fun or elegant party foods.


Party Outdoors

Some individuals may enjoy spending their 21st birthday outdoors. There is an endless variety of activities that could be planned for such a celebration. Prepare an elaborate picnic lunch and spend the afternoon hiking or simply enjoying the company of your loved ones in the beauty of nature. If you are more adventurous, plan a day of white water rafting or rock climbing to create a birthday experience full of adrenaline and unforgettable memories.


Spend an Elegant Night Out

Choose a high end restaurant as the venue for your birthday celebration. Frequenting an elegant establishment gives you the opportunity to shop for and dress in a fabulous outfit for your 21st. Spend time styling your hair and makeup for fancy photo shoots at the restaurant. Enjoy the evening out with a few of your friends or favorite family members.


Travel for your 21st Birthday

Choose a Vacation Destination. Some birthday ideas include a taking a fun filled trip to Las Vegas, or a exotic trip to a beach out of the country. Due to the nature of turning 21 our top birthday choice includes a luxurious trip to Las Vegas, which include a great hotel, We offer Las Vegas Travel Deals and Up to 40% off your stay at Park MGM Las Vegas. We also recommend you attend one of Las Vegas’s top shows where you can Save up to $74 when you buy 4 The Beatles LOVE Tickets or Save up to $43 per ticket on Blue Man Group.

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