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Birthday Suggestions for a Good Year

Another birthday is just around the corner and the older you get, the less you look forward to them. When you were younger, anticipation filled the air on that special day. Once you turn a certain age, anticipation turns into fear and sometimes loathing. It doesn’t have to be all that bad. My birthday suggestion is to take a look at the year that just passed and examine all the good and bad things that happened. Reflect and make goals to make this next year the best ever.

Diet and Exercise
Changing diet and getting more exercise is one of the most common resolutions made at New Year’s. You probably want more birthdays and setting a goal to eat better and exercise more often will probably make the body healthy enough to achieve those years. An unobtainable goal would be expecting to lose 100 pounds in 3 months’ time. Change that to losing 30 pounds in a month and there is a chance to achieve. Those that have not exercised before should set short-term goals. Exercising an hour a day doing cardio and lifting weights may not be the best option for someone who leads a sedentary lifestyle. A goal of walking 15 minutes four days a week is much more likely to be done. Raise the limit as it gets easier until you can do an hour if you choose. Remember that these birthday resolutions are not punishment for living high on the hog. They are a gift to you to help you become healthier.

Get Rid of Vices
Stop smoking or drinking in order to live a healthier lifestyle for the rest of your life. Not only will you give your body a birthday present, but you will also have a little more money to spend on things that enhance life. Smoking is a hard habit to break and there is no shame in getting help from a doctor or psychologist. Heavy drinkers might need a little more help and can seek professional help if need be. There is evidence that a bit of wine here and there actually benefits the body, but check with your doctor first and get help if you cannot cut down by yourself.

Get Organized
Ask for a file cabinet, file folders and a few plastic bins for your birthday. Start in one room and collect all paperwork and mail discarding what is not needed and filing what is. Put everything you don’t need any more in one bin and what you want to keep in another. Donate the discards and never look back. Not only are you giving yourself the birthday gift of being more neat and clean, but you are helping others by donating.

Birthdays are a celebration of life. Resolve to make your life better by achieving worthwhile goals that will help you live longer and enjoy the life you have.

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