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Suggestions for Unique Birthday Gifts

Birthday gifts of jewelry, food, clothing and such are pretty normal, so how about some unique birthday gift suggestions. These suggestions will have your birthday recipient bragging about their gift for months.

Handmade Gifts
Some of the most unique birthday presents are those made with your own hands. Some good handmade gift suggestions include a knitted sweater or vest, handmade jewelry or favorite cookies made in your own kitchen. Make a personalized CD with songs that are enjoyed by the recipient or take a picture of the grandkids or children and put it in a handmade frame. You can use plain frames and paint them, glue mosaic tile to them or attach pinecones and twigs in a pleasing manner. Make a birthday scrapbook using pictures, cards, poetry and other things telling the life of the birthday recipient.

Adventure Days
Give the birthday person a gift of a day out doing something they rarely or may never get the chance to do otherwise. Good birthday gift suggestions include a day of sailing or fishing. For those that like to stay on land, plan a day of golf, antiquing or shopping. Maybe your birthday recipient is a bit of an adventurer that would enjoy doing something somewhat dangerous. Take them up in a hot air balloon, go zip lining, rock climbing or bungee jumping.

Contact the birthday person’s boss and ask if they have time off they can take. If so, either plan a surprise or let them know you are taking them somewhere for a few days or a week and keep the destination a secret. Find a nice place to stay away from relatives and friends. A bed and breakfast is nice but a five-star hotel is also suitable. Arrange for some activities like horseback riding and at least one extravagant dinner during the time away.

Other Days Out
Arrange for the birthday girl or boy to spend the day at a spa and pamper them to the extreme. Give them facials, pedicures, manicures, hair styling, massages and anything else they want to try. Take an allotted amount of money to a casino and have some fun, just don’t go overboard. Make sure to take the birthday person to eat at one of the restaurants and enjoy the food too.

Give the gift of knowledge through classes that relate to a hobby. Give craft classes like scrapbooking, knitting, crocheting, jewelry making, and quilting. Most craft stores provide classes at a nominal price and the budding artist may even be able to take oil painting, drawing or watercolor classes. Make sure to include the price of supplies in the gift. Give the gift of cooking lessons to someone who loves to experiment in the kitchen. Give golf or tennis lessons to a person who loves to be active outdoors. A great suggestion for someone who has always wanted to speak a different language is to give classes to learn than language.

Unique birthday gifts usually come out being the favorites of the birthday recipient. They won’t get this kind of gift from anyone else and will always remember the thought you put behind your present.

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