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Awesome Outdoor Birthday Locations for Kids

Most people have a hard time coming up with birthday party locations but there are plenty of options. Using the great outdoors as your playground, kids will have a blast no matter what time of year it is. Simply taking note of the weather and what locations are available can insure a great time had by all. Here are some simple ideas for outdoor birthday locations.

Warm Weather Locations

During the late spring, summer, and early fall there are tons of places to throw a birthday bash. If your child is into outdoor sports like hiking or swimming then this is especially simple. Local places like national parks, nature reserves, or lakes are special birthday party places. If there is management, check with them to see if there are special picnicking areas or if swimming is allowed. Grilling is a good plan for these places and everyone can have a good time fishing, swimming, hiking, or doing a treasure hunt!

Other outdoor places for warm weather include Zoos, amusement parks, outdoor go-kart racing or at local events. Zoos and amusement parks often have special areas that you can reserve for birthday parties or picnics. Sometimes these places even have deals on reserving picnic areas and having so many guests purchase lunch. If you need something a little cheaper have guests agree to meet at an outdoor go-kart alley or a local park.

Finding the perfect outdoor location for wintry weather is more difficult, but not impossible. Focusing on winter sports is a good rule of thumb for this season as well. Kids are entranced by ice skating and the snowboarding they see on television, so a birthday party related to these types of events are great as well. If everyone pitches in, a one-hour private lesson with a skating or boarding coach isn’t too bad. Many places offer this service, especially if you privately rent out a rink. For something that saves money, parks or homes are good depending on what sort of activities you work into the schedule. Having a group of people get together at a park for a snowman building contest and then migrate to a restaurant or home for a meal together afterwards.

Birthday parties are special for the person who was born as well as those helping to celebrate. With a little effort, the perfect birthday party location can be found.

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