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Epica Powerful Stainless Steel Whisper-quiet Citrus Juicer-70 Watt motor

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Craving a fresh glass or full pitcher of mouthwatering orange juice, grapefruit juice, or lemonade?

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Craving a fresh glass or full pitcher of mouthwatering orange juice, grapefruit juice, or lemonade?

If you’d love to have a fresh squeezed glass to kick-start each morning with power-packed nutrition, are striving to maintain a more alkaline diet, simply wish to add more class to brunch, or want to extract enough juice for 50 margaritas in 5 minutes flat–you’ll be able to enjoy the use of this Powerhouse of juicers.

And lab tests prove you’ll be able to get 18% more juice in 1/3rd the time compared to higher priced juicers.

In fact, seconds after you open the box, rinse the 3 easy-clean parts and begin juicing you’ll be able to find yourself indulging in a tangy glass of your favorite citrus juice, without the hassle, noise or mess!

Customers rave about how Epica’s Powerful Whisper-Quiet 3X Powerful 70 Watt Motor Allows You to…

• Quietly Suck Every Last Nutritious Drop from 50 Citrus Fruits in 5 Minutes By Lightly Pushing Down with a Single Hand-No Annoying On-Off Switch to Push Between Fruits Means No Wasted Energy!

• Quickly Switch from Tiny Limes to Giant Grapefruits in Seconds By Simply Swapping Out the Small & Large Reamer

• Extract Juice of Any Kind Into Glass Size of Your Choice with Clog-Free System

• Easily Rinse 3 Heavy-Duty Durable Parts Clean in 10 Seconds

• Efficiently Store Small Footprint (8.5″ X 11″) in Cupboard or On Countertops.

• Naturally Strengthen Your Decor with Sleek Stylish Brushed Stainless Steel Design

• Take a Deep Breath & Loosen up Because You’re Backed By a Full 1 Year Warranty-Quite a lot of Time to See How Well this Takes a Beating!

Ready to experience the tangy indulgence of mouthwatering, fresh-squeezed juice this weekend?

Get the powerhouse juicer that operates so efficiently you’ll be able to hear a pin drop…

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GET MORE JUICE IN A FRACTION OF THE TIME: When tested against higher priced juicers, the Epica delivered 18% more juice in a third of the time. Enjoy fresh squeezed juice for breakfast – even when you’re on the run.
STARTS AND STOPS WITH A SINGLE TOUCH: This juicer is as uncomplicated as they come. With one press, you’ll be able to start and stop the automatic ultra quiet juicing. Fresh, healthy juice is only a touch away.
JUICE FLOWS RIGHT INTO YOUR GLASS: Whether you need an entire carafe of juice or just one glass, you’ll be able to have it your way. It’s just as easy to juice enough limes for a dozen margaritas as it is to get grapefruit juice for one Seabreeze.
RINSES CLEAN IN SECONDS AND WON’T CLOG I BPA FREE: Many juicers available on the market are a pain to clean up – which makes you dread the use of them. The Epica has only 3 parts that rinse clean in seconds.
TWO REAMER SIZES TO FIT ALL CITRUS FRUITS: Juice any kind of citrus fruit you need, from limes to oranges to grapefruits. Add the juice to cocktails, recipes, or drink it on its own. The fine mesh strainer won’t clog with pulp.