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Renegade Concepts: LAP PRO – Stand/Caddy Universal Beanbag Lap Stand Tablet Accessory for iPad 1, iPad 2, iPad 3, iPad 4, Acer, Nexus & all Android Tablets, E-Readers, Books & Google Devices

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– The LAP PRO – Stand/Caddy: The ULTIMATE Lap Stand for use with your Tablet, E-Reader, Book, Laptop Magazine & Paperback! The Lap Pro, is a portable plushy, light, beanbag

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– The LAP PRO – Stand/Caddy: The ULTIMATE Lap Stand for use with your Tablet, E-Reader, Book, Laptop Magazine & Paperback! The Lap Pro, is a portable plushy, light, beanbag workstation designed for use in bed, the couch, the chair, go back and forth (trains, planes & automobiles). It’s contouring capability makes it able to be used on virtually all uneven surfaces, enabling comfortable use of your Tablet, E-reader, Book, Magazine, Paperback Even as lying flat on your back – fully reclined, sitting upright or anywhere in between. It may be used with one leg, crossed legs or a wide legged, seated position and when lying flat can be positioned anywhere on the body comfortably from your ankles to your chest. The Lap Pro S/C doubles as a tote with a 2x pocket to store/carry these items around (along side some minor accessories). The Lap Pro, is designed to be angled from 0 – 89 degrees, allowing users total keep an eye on of viewing angles. To use: place your device into the Lap Pro, then fluff up or take hold of the Bumper & roll backwards until level with the surface, place pressure downward & wiggle to seat firmly, then roll forward to desired angle (Ref. 4th pic) and the Lap Pro will handle that angle. (Some breaking in may be required) The Lap Pro when angled at 89 deg. is perfect for watching videos, working, reading, playing games, etc, Even as in a fully flat or reclined position making the Lap Pro, the ultimate leisure stand for bed/Lazy Boy use. Its MicroFiber shell, makes it soft to the touch Even as allowing it to clean screens too. A great study companion for students of all ages, casual reading, game players, the infirmed and alleviates work for those with arm or hand issues. A perfect gift for the young or old. The Lap Pro S/C, is the unique, ultimate lap stand that does everything that you wish to have. Even as others can do one thing or another, none but the Lap Pro S/C can do it all. *NOT A TOY* Designed in the USA. -Design & Utility, Patented-
Universal compatability with all Tablets, E-Readers, Laptops, Books, Magazines, Paperbacks. Fits virtually all cases and covers.
Soft, Light & Plushy – 13 oz., No hard/sharp/moving parts, Hand made (one piece construction), Can be used as a go back and forth pillow
Doubles as a Carrying Tote with 2x pocket (fits slimmer cases). Perfect for the pool side/beach, go back and forth, work, studies, game play & the infirmed or those suffering from arm or hand issues. Machine wash separate on delicate, Dry on delicate. (Bumper/Care for will be damp and air dry)
Angles from 0-89 deg. Works at bizarre latteral angles. Works with wide, crossed legs or one leg (with good stability) & fully reclined positions. Created by a reviewer of iPhone/iPad accessories
Works on most uneven surfaces the use of the devices own wieght for incomparable stability, just place the device in the Care for (see main pic), all HANDS FREE! Use as a table top stand with little foot print. (Just place on top of small objects) MicroFiber fabric is soft & cleans screens too! *NOT A TOY* Designed in the US -Patented & Patent Pending-