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TIGRADE Womens Titanium Eternity Rings Cubic Zirconia Wedding Engagement Band

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TIGRADE Jewelry: Your Reliable Choice of Fashion Jewelry

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TIGRADE Jewelry: Your Reliable Choice of Fashion Jewelry

1.Excellent craftsmanship and quality.
2.Reasonable price, safty sale and delivery management.
3.Provide 30-day money back or free exchange guarantee.
4.Get the answer within 12 hours in case you have any question.

The Feature of Product:

These eternity rings are set with beautiful prime quality cubic zirconia stones. Cubic Zirconia is a stone so optically close to diamond. The man-made stone is virtually flawless whereas most diamonds have internal inclusions or external blemishes. This is a prime quality synthetic gemstone which imitates the appearance of diamonds. This means your stones will be sparkling and full of fire. Cubic zirconia is zirconium oxide (ZrO2), a mineral that is extremely rare in nature. Synthesized CZ is much less expensive than diamond, optically flawless and can be created in quite a few different colors.

Why you choose Titanium Ring?

1.Titanium rings won’t scratch as easily or corrode.
2.Titanium ring won’t dent or bend.
3.Titanium stands up better to daily wear and tear.
4.Titanium rings are attractive and comfortable for men as well as women.

Titanium Ring Maintenance Tips

1. Titanium Ring Cleaning.
Your titanium ring requires no complicated cleaning or maintenance procedures. To make a cleaning solution for titanium jewelry, simply mix warm water with a couple of drops of mild soap. It is best to avoid the usage of an ultrasonic jewelry cleaner when cleaning titanium rings.
2.Titanium Care Tips:
Keep your titanium ring away from harsh chemicals. Avoid your ring impacting on any hard substances. When taking off your ring, you’ll be able to place it inside the ring box and then put the box in a secure space. 
Band measures 3 mm in width
This eternity ring is made of Genuine Titanium
The flash eternity band sparkles from multiple angles of cubic zirconia and create breathtaking reflections
The CZ are so beautiful and sparkly – just like real diamonds but at a fraction of the price
Suitable for all occasions, can be utilized for more than a few purposes, as a wedding ring, engagement ring, anniversary and Valentine’s Day gift



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