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Yaheetech 799pcs Sturdy Aluminium Tool Set Chest Carry Wheeled Case Box Trolley

$139.99 (as of February 13, 2019, 3:20 am) $88.99

Tray 19 x Wrenches/Spanners (6mm/0.24”; 8mm/0.31”; 10mm/0.39”; 11mm/0.43”; 12mm/0.47”; 13mm/0.51”; 14mm/0.55”; 15mm/0.59”; 17mm/0.67”)1 x Long Nose Pliers1 x Cable Cutter1 x Adjustable Wrench1 x Water Pump Pliers1 x Combination Pliers

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Tray 1
9 x Wrenches/Spanners (6mm/0.24”; 8mm/0.31”; 10mm/0.39”; 11mm/0.43”; 12mm/0.47”; 13mm/0.51”; 14mm/0.55”; 15mm/0.59”; 17mm/0.67”)
1 x Long Nose Pliers
1 x Cable Cutter
1 x Adjustable Wrench
1 x Water Pump Pliers
1 x Combination Pliers

Tray 2
9 x Magnetic Screwdriver (5pcs Philips & 4pcs Slotted)
2 x Magnetic Stubby Screwdriver (Philips & Slotted)
3 x Insulated Screwdriver (1pc Philips & 2pcs Slotted)
1 x Electric Test Screwdriver 100-240V
6 x Precision Screwdriver (2pcs Philips & 4pcs Slotted)
48 x Mixed Screwdriver Bits
1 x 12pcs Bit Set
16 x Allen Wrench
1 x Ratchet Screwdriver
1 x Magnetic Bit Holder
1 x Wing Nut Driver
1 x Pressure Gauge

Tray 3
15 x Hex Socket Insert 1/4
4mm/0.16”; 4.5mm/0.18”; 5mm/0.2”; 5.5mm/0.22”; 6mm/0.24”; 6.5mm/0.26”; 7mm/0.28”; 7.5mm/0.3”; 8mm/0.31”; 9mm/0.35”; 10mm/0.39”; 11mm/0.43”; 12mm/0.47”; 13mm/0.51”; 14mm/0.55”
14 x Hex Socket Insert 1/2
8mm/0.31”; 9mm/0.35”; 10mm/0.39”; 11mm/0.43”; 12mm/0.47”; 13mm/0.51”; 14mm/0.55”; 15mm/0.59”; 16mm/0.63”; 17mm/0.67”; 18mm/0.71”; 19mm/0.75”; 20mm/1.18”
2 x 1/4 Extension Bar
2 x 1/2 Extension Bar
1 x 1/4 Universal Joint
1 x 1/2 Universal Joint
1 x Flexible Extension Bar
1 x Sliding T-Bar 1/4
1 x Sliding T-Bar 1/2
2 x 1/2 Spark Plug Socket (16mm/0.63”; 21mm/0.83”)
1 x 1/4 Spinner Handle
1 x Ratchet Care for 1/2 Drive
1 x Ratchet Care for 1/4 Drive

Tray 4
1 x Lug Crimping Tool (Crimp Tool)
1 x Scissors
1 x Insulating Tape
1 x Claw Hammer
1 x Glue Gun (including 2 hot glue cartridge)
1 x Ruler Spirit Level
2 x Plastic Clamp
1 x 144pcs Hardware Assortment (nail, screw, hook, and the like)
1 x 5M Measuring Tape
1 x Universal Grip Pliers
500 x Plastic Ribbon
ESSENTIAL DIY TOOLS – This practical toolkit set accommodates needed tools for day by day use: professional or hobby. It accommodates 4 trays with full tools, which can be utilized for simple cars repairing, clock maintenance,and the like.
EASY TO CARRY & STORAGE – All tools collected in a toolbox trolley with durable top Care for and 2pcs heavy duty castors, which helps you move easily. The case also has 2pcs lockable latches with keys, which is protected for storage.
HUMANNIZED DESIGN – Case Dimension: 36 x 17 x 48 cm / 14.2 x 6.7 x 18.9” (LxWxH); Retractable Care for Length: 45-97 cm / 17.7-38.2”. Telescopic Care for for simple to transport.
BONUS GIFT – It accommodates 2 pairs white gloves. You’ll be able to use it when work with the tool case.
HIGH QUALITY & DURABLE MATERIAL – Made of carbon steel, plastic and iron. Rubber Pad for noise-free and scratch-resistant.